Survey conducted in Salt Lake City regarding connections to the Jordan River near the outlet of Red Butte, Parley's, and Emigration Creeks.

This survey gathered feedback from Salt Lake City community members and visitors about their connections to the Jordan River, especially their use of parks along the Jordan River corridor and their views about a proposed green-infrastructure project along the river to be located at the outlet of Red Butte, Parley’s, and Emigration creeks. The study was conducted as a partnership with Salt Lake City’s Open Space Lands program, and was designed to sample views from the ethnically diverse communities on the city’s west side. A bilingual survey team contacted respondents at gathering places such as grocery stores, libraries, parks, and community events, asking them to complete the survey using electronic tablets equipped with Qualtrics® offline survey application software. A total of 381 usable responses were obtained between late May and early July 2016.