Data Policy and Publication

Data Policy

To define procedures and timeframes for publishing and sharing data generated as part of the iUTAH project, the CI Team and iUTAH leadership developed and implemented a data policy for all datasets developed as part of or supported by iUTAH. In general, iUTAH committed to an open data policy to maximize the impact and broad use of datasets collected within iUTAH facilities and by iUTAH research teams. The Data Policy specified a data typology and time frames for data and metadata submission and release. The iUTAH Data Policy can be found here.

Data Publication with Hydroshare

Most iUTAH investigator datasets are shared or published via HydroShare, which is an online, collaborative environment for sharing hydrologic data, models, and code. HydroShare supports collaborative groups, public and private sharing of resources, and formal publication of data and models. Visit HydroShare to create an account, join the iUTAH HydroShare Group , submit a dataset, or to view and access iUTAH resources.

Data Collection Plans

The iUTAH Data Policy required that all data creation efforts executed with any funding from iUTAH (salary, travel, sampling, equipment purchase, etc.) submit a brief plan for data collection to the iUTAH Data Policy Committee. Here is a link to a blank Data Collection Plan template.

Data Policy Committee

The iUTAH Data Policy was developed by the CI Team in conjunction with the iUTAH Data Policy Committee and approved by the iUTAH Management and Leadership Teams. Consisting of faculty, staff, and student members representing the iUTAH research groups, the Data Policy Committee responsibilities included advising the CI Team, advocating for the implementation of iUTAH data policies and practices, and reviewing and approving Data Collection Plans.