Red Butte Creek

Red Butte Creek watershed is 18.8 km 2 with elevations between 1500 and 2400 m. Average annual streamflow ranges from 0.058 m 3 /s to 0.416 m 3 /s. Red Butte Creek originates in the mountains of northeastern Salt Lake County, and Red Butte Canyon is a Research Natural Area managed by the U.S. Forest Service. Red Butte Reservoir, initially built to supply water to Fort Douglas, is currently used as a habitat for June sucker fish that are transported to other watersheds in the Wasatch Front. After exiting the canyon, the Creek makes a rapid transition to built-out, urbanized land use through the University of Utah campus and into Salt Lake City before discharging to the Jordan River.

The data presented here are provisional and subject to revision

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Climate Sites

Site Code Site Name Site Status
RB_KF_C Knowlton Fork Climate Operational
RB_TM_C Todds Meadow Climate Operational
RB_ARBR_C Above Red Butte Reservoir Climate Operational
RB_GIRF_C Green Infrastructure Climate Operational

Aquatic Sites

Site Code Site Name Site Status
RB_KF_BA Knowlton Fork Basic Aquatic Retired
RB_LKF_A Lower Knowlton Fork Aquatic Operational
RB_ARBR_AA Above Red Butte Reservoir Advanced Aquatic Operational
RB_RBG_BA Red Butte Gate Basic Aquatic Operational
RB_CG_BA Cottams Grove Basic Aquatic Operational
RB_FD_AA Foothill Drive Advanced Aquatic Operational
RB_1300E_A 1300 East Aquatic Operational
RB_900W_BA 900 W (1300 South) Basic Aquatic Operational

Storm Drain Sites

Site Code Site Name Site Type
RB_CR_SD Connor Road Storm Drain Operational
RB_GIRF_SD GIRF Storm Drain Operational
RB_FortD_SD Fort Douglas Storm Drain Operational
RB_Dent_SD Dentistry Building Storm Drain Operational

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