Logan River

The Logan River watershed is located in the heart of the Bear River range with headwaters near the Utah-Idaho border. The river flows southwest through Logan Canyon - a landscape dominated by formerly glaciated peaks, limestone cliffs, and the occasional sinkhole. The underlying bedrock has numerous caves that create natural springs that contribute to the river’s year-round discharge. Near the canyon’s mouth, the river is dammed in three locations (First, Second, and Third dams) for hydroelectric generation. After exiting the mountains, the river flows west through Cache Valley and is impacted by a mixture of agricultural and urban environments. The Logan River converges with the Little Bear River in central Cache Valley before flowing north to the main stem of the Bear River and Cutler Reservoir.

The data presented here are provisional and subject to revision

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Climate Sites

Site Code Site Name
LR_FB_C Franklin Basin Climate
LR_GC_C Golf Course Climate
LR_TG_C Tony Grove Climate
LR_TWDEF_C Experimental Forest Climate
LR_Wilkins_R Wilkins Repeater

Aquatic Sites

Site Code Site Name
LR_Mendon_AA Logan River at Mendon Road (600 South) Aquatic
LR_MainStreet_BA Logan River at the Main Street Bridge Aquatic
LR_WaterLab_AA Logan River at the USU Water Lab Aquatic
LR_TG_BA Logan River near Tony Grove Aquatic
LR_FB_BA Logan River near Franklin Basin
BSF_CONF_BA Blacksmith Fork above confluence with Logan River

Storm Drain Sites

Site Code Site Name
LR_RH_SD River Heights Bridge Storm Drain
LR_SC_SD Spring Creek Storm Drain

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